Gender Bias

The Challenge:

Recent neuroscience research shows that part of the reason why we still see a gender gap in leadership is due to the unconscious wiring of the brain. The subtle behavior that stems from unconscious bias can potentially exclude a group of people while giving a slight advantage to others. This results is an unlevel playing field that creates work environments where one group is more dominant than the other.

How does one navigate bias in the face of persistent stereotypes and slow-changing cultures?

Program Outcomes:

In our Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace training, participants will gain an understanding about common types of subtle gender bias, how it impacts women’s advancement in the workplace, and offers practical tools that can be applied right way on how to combat the potentially harmful impacts of gender bias. Facilitated dialogue creates an opportunity for men and women to engage in  honest dialogue to share stories and personal experiences on how gender bias has impacted them. This creates awareness, empathy and understanding and a pathway to creating more inclusive behaviors.

This program is an interactive and engaging training using content delivery, pair exercises and skilled, facilitated dialogue about the subject, which includes learning about various types of gender bias, how it can limit impact women’s progress, but also looks at it from a larger inclusion lens and how addressing persistent gender bias can help companies drive better business results through leveraging diversity in the workplace.

Program Topics:

   Why Inclusion is a Key Business Driver

   What is Unconscious Bias & How Bias Works in the Brain

   Common Types of Gender Bias and its Impact

   Facilitated Dialogue about Gender Bias in the Workplace

   High-level Tips on how to Combat Bias

   Addressing Bias through Communicating Effectively

Delivery Methods:

The Navigating Gender Bias in the Workplace program is a 2-hour face to face workshop.  This workshop is a fun, interactive and engaging experience, while practically helping to create an inclusive culture in your organization to address gender bias in a safe container.


This is a program that can be run with the C-Suite and senior management team, and rolled out to the entire organization.

Want to deal with gender bias in a constructive way and support women’s advancement?