Building Respect in the Workplace

The Challenge:

In our current VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) world, we are constantly reminded of the need for respectful discourse, communication and behavior toward people who come from diverse backgrounds or carry diverse perspectives. This course is built on the premise that everyone brings a unique set of qualities, ways of thinking and behavior to the way they work, and that this diversity can be a pillar for innovation and business success.

Program Outcomes:

Building Respect in the Workplace is a course that is designed for organizations that understand and value the meaning of creating a respectful and inclusive environment for all employees. While this is not a full unconscious bias training, we do look at how our biases can sometimes impact how we treat others with diverse backgrounds.

The program introduces a framework of Respect Behaviors that can help us communicate with empathy and kindness, question our assumptions, and navigate challenges with respect and grace.

Program Modules:

   Exploring Perspectives & World Views

   What is Unconscious Bias and How Does it Impact Behavior?

   Affinity Bias, Confirmation Bias and In-Group/Out-grouping

   How to Communicate with Respect & Empathy

   Respect Behaviors & Application in the Workplace

Delivery Methods:

Building Respect in the Workplace program is a 2-hour workshop. This course is a fun, interactive and engaging experience while addressing diversity, respect and inclusion in a safe container.


This is a program that can be tailored for the C-Suite, senior management and rolled out to the entire organization.

Ready to build respect and inclusion in your workplace to drive more collaboration and innovation?