Gender Balance Consulting

Research shows that nearly 60% of current graduates and 80% of decision making consumers are women. There is data to support a strong correlation between an increase on ROI up to 66% in organizations that have 2 or more women on the board of directors.  Despite these statistics and the strong business case for diversity, businesses are still unable to successfully recruit, retain and promote women to leadership positions.

Our specialty at Highest Path is to partner with your organization to create shared value through properly investing in gender balance.

Our Approach

Our aim is to help your organization learn how to align its values, stakeholders and resources to best support gender balance. We do this through the following steps:
Build a Case

The biggest challenge to gender balance in most organizations is getting buy-in from the top. Thought-leadership on the reasons why gender balance makes good business sense, as well as strategies on how to implement balance across the organization can help inspire key decision-makers to get behind global initiatives.


Once there is buy-in and proper allocation of resources, we conduct interviews with top managers to understand the current landscape, as well as conduct a confidential briefing session with the CEO to equip them with the understanding, knowledge and language to lead the change across the organization.

Roll Out

To ensure measurable and transformational change, we recommend a complete roll out of gender initiatives across the organization. We work with key stakeholders to ensure successful roll out and implementation of the programs.



Highest Path offers leadership and management skills training based on our Gender Balanced Leadership™ framework, to be rolled out to senior and mid-level managers across the organization. This shared learning helps create a cohesive framework shared by all stakeholders, ensuring the implementation and application of the new skills.



By creating shared value, we make sure there is measurement built into gender initiatives to capture the success and impact on individuals who have gone through the training as well as the organization as a whole.

Contact Highest Path today to run an assessment on your organization’s needs and goals around creating a more gender balanced workplace.