Highest Path offers tailored, personalized executive coaching programs for High Potentials, Director-level managers and Senior Executives, focused on developing 21st century leadership skills. The philosophy behind our work is simple: teams perform at their best when there is an environment of collaboration. Leadership styles based on command and control and outdated hierarchical systems are no longer effective in meeting the challenges in a fast-changing business landscape. Cultivating leadership skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, and inclusion can drive engaged teams, retention and innovation. 

Highest Path Building Leaders™ Coaching Program

Our belief is that everyone is naturally resourceful, creative and whole. Basing our client relationships on this premise, we design an alliance geared towards achieving our client's desired outcomes and performance objectives.

Our unique style of coaching focuses on the whole person, identifying strengths as well as blind spots. Through cultivating self-awareness, values identification, and skills development, we help our clients develop the ability to see from various perspectives, think outside the box, and develop the leadership and management behaviors that drive high performing teams, innovation and business growth.

Our Team

We have a  diverse team of experienced, professional and ICF-certified team of executive coaches that are all trained with a specific approach to coaching (Co-Active Coaching). We believe that upholding the highest standards in the coaching profession is critical to delivering results by offering the industry best to our clients.

360 Leadership Assessments

Our executive coaching programs begin with a 360 leadership assessment to understand the client’s strengths as well as blind spots from multiple stakeholder perspectives. In addition, through conducting in-depth interviews with the client’s manager and other key stakeholders, we can better understand the landscape and context as well as expectations for development.

Highest Path then puts together recommendations based on the assessment to identify a road-map for development with specific, actionable objectives to reach the desired career, leadership and management goals of the individual and the organization.

ROI & Measurement

Investing in people is becoming one of the smartest ways for companies to leverage their resources. Recent studies show that companies that invested in executive coaching and leadership development saw a 7 time return on the original investment. Through our pre and post-engagement assessments and mid-term surveys, we can measure progress of individual growth to maximize dollars spent.

Development Areas:

Although the specific coaching agenda is set in partnership with the client and their manager or sponsor, there are key leadership and management capacities and behaviors that are essential for any 21st century leader to have.

While this is not an exhaustive list, our past clients have walked away with knowledge and skills developed in the following areas:

    Inclusive Leadership behaviors

   Authentic Leadership Style & Approach

   Emotional Intelligence

   Listening & Communication Skills

   Values Based Decision Making

   Collaborative Working Skills

   Conflict Resolution

   How to Manage High-Performing Teams

   How to Increase Engagement on Teams

Want to empower your talent with the tools necessary to lead in the 21st century?